Rare Early Tabletop Lighting Stand in BLUE Paint

Probably New England, possibly Mid-Atlantic, ca. late 18th/early 19th century.

Blue paint on maple and pine. Rarity enhanced by the unusual twin-candlearms holding 4 tinned-sheet iron candle cups, the cups pressure-fitted within receiving holes in the arms. The thread-turned column supported by a stepped base, the column joined to the base by a wedged square tenon. The candlearms visually lightened by tapering from the column to the edge. Made to raise and lower candle height from a table or chest, the height to the top of the column just 18 1/4 inches, the base about 8 inches square.

Having 4 candle cups in this period was quite the extravagance given that every candle had to be hand made, and therefore scarce and expensive. T

Terrific structural condition, period wear to paint as expected. Early American painted lighting devices of this caliber are seldom found, let alone in blue paint.