Fine Early Sand Timer
(aka hourglass)

Likely Northeast, ca. early/mid 19th century. Turned from hardwood, perhaps maple, with red stain or pigment in the wood or over-varnish. Balustre-turned posts with central knops (note the non-uniformity of the knops suggesting the turner “eye balled” them rather than working from a template);..... 

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Eastern United States, ca. 1782-1800 .....SOLD

,Good chance New York City (or Boston, Baltimore, Charleston). The bald eagle as core to the Great Seal was approved by Congress in 1782. The powerful form of this stand with its bold turnings suggests it being made soon thereafter as later Federal (Hepplewhite) designs were structurally lighter. The eagle, particularly after Washington’s inauguration in 1789, became much in demand on everything from textiles to art as young America flourished and celebrated......

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Tin Glazed Earthenware, Slip Decorated Miniatures

Probably England, ca. mid-18th century. Posset Pot and Pitcher. Most likely made for children, these are rare little survivors. Matching colors of brown slip on yellow ground. Each with rubs and chips. About 2 ¼ and 2 ¾ inches tall respectively. Private New England collection.  


Scarce Needlework and Brass Wall Sconce

England, 18th century. Sophisticated needlework behind glass within a walnut-framed molded panel, the panel with drop finial fitted with a brass spurred candle arm. The arm cast in four parts then screw-fitted together. Undoubtedly made for a very upscale home or meeting place. One can imagine the candle light dancing across the needlework panel to give delight to an otherwise darkened room. Fine condition with minor imperfections to the textile, The panel including drop about 22 inches overall;10 wide. Beautiful and functional, ready to hang in your home. From a fine New England collection.   

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Stylish, Luminous Young Woman-in Green Chair-
Folk Art Portrait

Probably New England, ca 1830’s.    Oil on canvas, in original and special paint-decorated frame. The fresh-faced young woman in lacy high-waisted dress, with red belting, seated in a green-painted chair, holding-open a large red book. Her understated yet classic jewelry (gold necklace with pendant, fancy earrings and tortoise-shell comb-the colors of which echoed in the paint decorated frame)-speak to an upscale environment. Her relaxed posed suggests she enjoyed having her portrait taken. Excellent condition, with minor in-painting, small patch on reverse. Frame size about 33 1/2 inches x 27 ½. Site size about 29 ¼ inches x 23.

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Patriotic Ornamental Painter 7-Color Trade Sign.....SOLD

America, probably Midwest to Northeast, ca. 1860-1880. About the time of the Civil War and the Centennial, this unique survivor of ornamental painter George Gentle is centered by the American flag and shield, clearly showcasing his ‘Northern’ patriotic sentiments.   

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Swing-Handle Woodsplint Painted Basket.
Henry Harris   .....SOLD

Litchfield County, CT, ca. 1870-1890. Original dry “mushroom-color” paint on oak splint, with white-oak carved handle. Robustly made, like a piece of furniture, this special basket has rare characteristics associated with noted maker Henry Harris (aka Hen Pan, 1817/1821-1897)......

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Exceptional Antique Gameboard.
Sublime Surface .....SOLD

New England, ca. 1840.

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Original paint with remarkable surface on hand-planed pine. Warm, mellow, almost glowing squares of mustard and red, wrapped within a deep dark border. 

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