Exquisite and Exceedingly Rare Broad-Rimmed Burl
Deep Serving Dish
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New England
ca. 1720-1740.

Ash burl. Of impressive size, masterfully lathe-turned with a dramatic broad-rim, relating to pewter examples of the period.

While most burl bowls were utilitarian in nature, this serving dish stands out with its refined form, meant not only to be functional but to be prominently displayed and admired, and served from at the table.

Excellent condition with delightful undulation to the bowl and rim. High polish/burnish to the shellac surface. The interior bears intriguing stains, including what appear to be traces of ink, and a small split (or cut) to the rim’s edge, all bearing witness to its usage. About 16 ½ inch diameter x 3 ½ deep.

Provenance: From the 1950s to the 1970s.....


Early Painted Opposing-Finger Round Pantry Box .....sale pending

New England, ca 1780-1820. 
ost likely Southeastern Massachusetts (Hingham).

Original green paint on pine top and bottom; maple-walled. Joinery by wrought nails including roseheads, which indicate this box pre-dates the majority of boxes of this form that we see.

The top is scribe-decorated with a pinwheel, and scallops.  Excellent structural condition. Expected period paint wear, untouched original condition. About 5 1/2 inch diameter x 3 tall. From a private Connecticut collection. 

From the dry deep green paint to the scribed top and the wrought nails this box is exemplary.

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Fine Needlework Theorem

Likely North Shore Boston/Portsmouth area, ca. 1840. Imagine the time and skill required to delicately stitch the foliate and vine elements, flowing from a decorated pot, on to what appears to be a silk (black) ground. The composition fills the entire space.

Enclosed in a terrific frame that appears original, featuring bold corner blocks. Frame size about 19 ½ inches x 15 ¾.

From a private Midwest collection, purchased in 1992 from Frank and Barbara Pollack, Highland Park, Illinois.  

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Historic Tall Pewter Beaker Picturing WILLIAM AND MARY
ca. 1689-1694. 
.....sale pending 

Engraved with individual portraits of William and Mary ore information.

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Remarkable Blacksmith-Forged Hunting Dog Collar
.....sale pending

Probably England, painstakingly wrought from iron, ca. 17th/18th century, perhaps earlier.

 The spikes would have protected the dog from attack by another dog, or large animal like a bear.

Spikes projecting from the "bands" are formed into shape, the spikes at the iron plates peened from behind.

Must have been worn by a large dog, as the inner diameter is about 6 1/2 inches (spikes project up to 1.5 inches). All original; rust free.

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Fine Little Painted Looking Glass (Mirror)
.....sale pending

Northeast, ca. 1800-1830. Original black paint on what appears to be maple and pine. Nicely scrolled stepped crest, retaining its glue blocks, above a molded frame, the corners of the frame joined by “splines” (wedges). Soft surface, desirable minor edge wear with smooth burnishing. The back board sawn, then chamfered, and held by cut nails.

Excellent condition. Overall height just 11 ½ inches, about 7 wide.

The word "mirror" comes from the Old French word "mirour" and the Latin word "mirare," meaning "to look at" or "to admire." Likely made as a gift when mirror-glass was scarce, perhaps for courting. I always imagine with mirrors who may have looked into it decades, or centuries, ago.

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Remarkable Carved EBONY Cup from the Whaling SHIP DOVE
.....sale pending

It was a fine ship with prime captain and crew ... The name of our ship I suppose you'd like to know ... She was called the Dove you will see in my song....

New England, ca. 1840-1860,
skillfully turned and carved from ebony, inlaid with mother-of-pearl and probably whale bone. The Dove was a Union whaling bark built In Newbury, MA.  

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Stylish, Luminous Young Woman-in Green Chair-
Folk Art Portrait

Probably New England, ca 1830’s.    Oil on canvas, in original and special paint-decorated frame. The fresh-faced young woman in lacy high-waisted dress, with red belting, seated in a green-painted chair, holding-open a large red book. Her understated yet classic jewelry (gold necklace with pendant, fancy earrings and tortoise-shell comb-the colors of which echoed in the paint decorated frame)-speak to an upscale environment. Her relaxed posed suggests she enjoyed having her portrait taken. Excellent condition, with minor in-painting, small patch on reverse. Frame size about 33 1/2 inches x 27 ½. Site size about 29 ¼ inches x 23.

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Folk Art Carving
of a Man

Eastern US, possibly Southern, ca. 19th century. Appears to be carved from walnut, with features well modeled and tool marks quite evident. The motivation for carvings like these is hard to establish, sometimes it was a “portrait”, or artistic expression, sometimes toys, and even just to manifest skill. Regardless, a particularly appealing example. Fine condition except for the loss of the front of his right foot. About 8 inches tall plus another inch for the stand.

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